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Hey y'all! It's the Bravo Girls, the sexy nerds of the internet! Here you can find halarious videos, giggly pics, AND FUNNY STUFF!!  BRAVO GIRLS 4EVAH! XOXO.Youtube fans,this is the official website for Bravo girls.Please subscribe on our youtube channel and tell us what videos we should post next? Please give us advice ,your opinions okay? And also please become a member!

Anyway, watch our videos on youtube and email us at  enjoy the website!! sincerely, Joanna, Selena,Allison, Eli and Cassidy! LOVE YOU!!




alright, lets jump into 2014. ignore all this bullshit, i can't figure out how to delete this horrible website lol. email is invalid so sorry m8. stupid little 10 year old ideas. this is what happens when stupid kids figure out how to internet, so excuse all this, but hey, we can at least all have a laugh. oh, and i left ''''Eli's'''''' profile up bc she's a little bitch yanno. alright, see ya later.